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Shawl with new border

Well it did not take very long to do this. For me the shawl works it is with a new border



I am trying to gather different border options. My biggest obstacle is my requirement that they be easy to memorize.. I have an active household where starting and stopping easily is important to be able to do. I found an interesting easy lace pattern in a magazine. In this pattern the lace increase is a typical yo but the decrease is knit three then slip the k1 over the k2 and k3. Basically the pattern is yo, k3, slip the first knitted of the three over the two. On the first row you have an increase of one, next row you knit across(in my version), the next row you start with a knit three then slip one over two with a yo. In this row you get a decrease of one. This row I follow with a knit row. The pattern needs to be a multiple of three stitches. It gives a really beautiful look.



  1. What size triangle loom did you use? Its very pretty.

  2. I use a 7 foot adjustable. But actually I wove the one in the picture on a six foot. It was a local class. Thanks for your kind words. Take Care


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