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Small shawl with lace border

Finally got around to blocking this. I must confess I wore it a bit before blocking. It NEVER fails to amaze me how much better things look once they are blocked. This was about a 4.5 foot setting on my Triloom. The weaving took very little time and was tons of fun. The knitting took a bit longer than I expected...but was quick for me. This is a great way to use up some bulky yarn you love but don't have enough for a full size shawl. I used worsted weight for the border but DK would work... Possibly even sock. This is a picture prior to blocking    

More Recent Shawl

Several weeks ago I finished this. I did the border in a different color yarn. If I had to do it over again I'd use a worsted weight yarn for the border. The border is a simple one. I finished a six foot one with fringe and a four foot one with a long lace border. I love the lace borders... Easier to wear I think. But I wanted to have at least one with fringe.