Sunday, July 22, 2012

Very first shawl on big loom

It took me over a week but I have woven my first shawl on a seven foot loom. Wow you get decent exercise doing this. I used a bulky cotton yarn, probably should have used a wool. But I love this yarn. I found one tool to be a life saver in the end. It is a crochet hook with a needle hole at the end. For the last fourth of the project this really helped. You can buy one on Carol Leigh's web site. I have a picture of my shawl before fulling.



Saturday, July 14, 2012

Working on a Large Tri-Loom vs Small Tri-Loom

I have just started working on a large tri-loom for the first time.   At first I was not sure if I liked it compared to the smaller ones.  After the first couple of rows I started to have fun again and I love it.   For me it is a much different experience.

Some of the differences are, for the first couple of rows I found that I had to have some significant tension to keep my yarn from low sagging.   I am a little nervous about this since on the small looms I tried not to overdo the tension.  I am using a cotton yarn and it gets stuck more easily than it did on the small 18 inch loom.   It is still doable but just something to be aware of.    One thing I do like is it is a lot easier to use your fingers to weave the yarn.   On an 18 inch loom I found using my fingers hard and clumsy.. but this is not the case on a large loom.  It is actually fun to weave the yarn with your fingers.  I sometimes use a crochet hook but sometimes use my fingers.  The loom I am using is 7 feet across.  And It is much larger than I expected.   I kind of like walking from one end to another.  The 7 feet size uses 550 yards of yarn.. wowser, much more than I expected.

So far, so good.  I will post my experiences on this.. the good and the bad.   One thing I recommend is to pick a yarn you love.  I think it makes all the difference in your learning experience.   Try not to pick it too fuzzy.  The manufacturer of my loom recommends wool.   She is probably correct but I love this cotton yarn so much I had to try it.  It seems to me the Cascade 128 yarn might be a great choice..
on sale at webs for 4.99 for 128 yards.. you would need 5 balls for a 7 foot shall(25$) not a bad deal.

More on this in later posts!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Swatch Filatura Di Crosa Felz yarn

I have been weaving squares out of the purple cascade yarns 128. It is so easy to work with and gives a nice weave on my square loom. I decided to take a break and tray swatch of a different yarn. This swatch is from Filatura Di Crossa Fancy Felz. It is 46 percent Acrylic, 20 percent wool, 24 percent mohair and 1 percent Polyamide. This is a really fuzzy yarn. I had a some misgivings about it... But I love how the swatch turned out. I think on loom with half inch spacing this yarn would be fine. My spacing is 3/8 and it was a little tight but doable. Having a light background under the loom helped a lot it made it easier to see the yarn.