Monday, November 5, 2012

First shawl with knitted border

Finally got around to adding a border to my first triloom shawl. Here it is

I think it makes all the difference.


Leno Lace Method

Leno lace method is one way to add interest to your weaving. First you need to leave spaces on your weaving. Here is how

First starting from the left at the bottom loop your yarn around three instead of one nails

See the little opening below in the weaving.



Take the yarn across and skip two nails on the right. See the two skipped nails below.


Now take the yarn to the top and skip one nail.

When you go back to the left you need to also skip one nail. Your left side will look like the picture below.
You continue weaving and fill your spaces in later. You will need a locker hook.. A crochet hook with a needle eye at the end.