Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weaving and Spindling

I am still working on my latest shawl with the Viking yarn.   I guess I am a little frustrated that I can't seem to get my rows perfectly straight.    I just need to bite the bullet and finish.   I think I might do fringe on this one.    The yarn is beautiful.

All this work with yarn has made decide to try spinning.  Actually I am learning spindling.  It just seems like the best way to learn to make yarn first.  It seems like if I can learn to easily make yarn with a spindle then I can do it with a wheel.   Plus spindles are much cheaper than spinning wheels.
I ordered a spindle online.. but asked my husband to help me find some old tinker toys.    It seems like you could make a cool spindle out of those.  Also online there are instructions for a yarn swift out of tinker toys... how cool.

I am using the craftsy course to learn to spindle.   They had a great deal going on when I signed up.      So far I love the online course.  I also have an instructor helping me a little too.   The craftsy course she teaches you how to make a niddy noddy out of PVC pipe and a lazy kate out of a box.   I love the PVC pipe niddy noddy.  

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