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Weaving and Spindling

I am still working on my latest shawl with the Viking yarn.   I guess I am a little frustrated that I can't seem to get my rows perfectly straight.    I just need to bite the bullet and finish.   I think I might do fringe on this one.    The yarn is beautiful.

All this work with yarn has made decide to try spinning.  Actually I am learning spindling.  It just seems like the best way to learn to make yarn first.  It seems like if I can learn to easily make yarn with a spindle then I can do it with a wheel.   Plus spindles are much cheaper than spinning wheels.
I ordered a spindle online.. but asked my husband to help me find some old tinker toys.    It seems like you could make a cool spindle out of those.  Also online there are instructions for a yarn swift out of tinker toys... how cool.

I am using the craftsy course to learn to spindle.   They had a great deal going on when I signed up.      So far I love the online course.  I also have an instructor helping me a little too.   The craftsy course she teaches you how to make a niddy noddy out of PVC pipe and a lazy kate out of a box.   I love the PVC pipe niddy noddy.  


  1. Great info...It's good to learn things made from PVC Pipes. There are lots of things made by PVC such as piping,windowing, water park, storage, hanger and many more..


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