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More swatches.

This is a swatch I did earlier this week. It is my attempt at using two strands of cotton yarn and twisting it as I went. I had a hard time with it. It is the Baby Bee cotton yarn from hobby lobby..which I have a ton of in my stash.




This is a swatch that I made today. I was so excited about this yarn that I had to play with it. The yarn is a 51/49 silk wool Blend from Noro .. Kogarashi


This my swatch draped over a soda can.



The Noro yarn is beautiful and has the best drape. It is on what I consider the border of density. I like the cotton yarn Sprout better. Just a little more density. Still I might try to do a shawl with this.


  1. Bravo! Great start! Can you post pictures of your loom?

    Have a good day!
    Franco Rios
    Sacramento CA

  2. Nail spacing on my looms are approximately 1/2 inch on the short sides. I've mostly done my weaving with multiple strands for many years.
    Found using either:
    a.) 3 strands of yarns classed #4
    b.) 1 of #4 + 1 of #5
    c.) 1 of #6
    works good for me. I don't try to twist them together, just grab them as they are and weave them. I have not tried any cotton yarns.
    This really is an addictive method.
    Andi K


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